Take a look at some examples:
Below are a few examples of the kind of artwork we specialise in. Much of the illustration is a combination of 3D rendering with 2D compositing and finishing. The final format is flexible but most clients prefer a layered RGB or CMYK Photoshop file @300dpi supplied on CD. Image sizes range from A5 to A0.
Biological and Scientific Illustration
Close up of a fungal attack and the action of a fungicide chemical on the leaf surface - image for brochure
Beetle feeding on resin - image for magazine publication
Cross section of a leaf mildew showing the filaments entering the leaf epidermis via the stomata - set of images for brochure
Product Visualisation and Advertising
Advertising and photographic manipulation for fine print - image for magazine publication
Packaging and design illustration for corporate products - image for corporate brochure
Product visualisation and concept art illustration - set of images for boxset